"It was a me outside of me... it was me in a form that shouldn't have been me!"

Scenes Visualisation through the Model Making and Photographing and Drawings.

In The Mirror on March 22, 2011 at 4:44 am

We have made a series of small size set models and hand drawings and collages in order to visualise the story’s plot .  The models are based on the descriptions of the short narrative.  First, we have identified SEVEN main scene locations:

1. THE GROUNDS OF THE SCHOOL and the presence of a broken, NOISE MAKING GATE.  The atmosphere is described as a windy, humid, pitch black night with TYPHOON on it’s way.

2. CARETAKER’S ROOM: this is the place where the character is resting between his night time checks.  There is a bed and alarm clock in the room.  That particular night when he wakes up for his second round check, at 3.00am, he has trouble getting out of bed, and he has a strong sense of something wrong just about to happen.

3.  CORRIDOR SCENE: the character is doing his second round around the school, it’s very dark and he feels uncomfortable; he walks much faster than usually… This scene is very tense almost unreal.

4.  MIRROR / REFLECTION SCENE: the character notices something unusual with “the corner of his eye”, like if something was behind him but he wasn’t sure what was it?  then he realises it’s only his reflection in the mirror.

5. SMOKING SCENE: the character had a smoke in front of the mirror.

6. MIRROR BREAKING SCENE: the character gets scared of the reflection and in a moment of panic he smashes the mirror with his kendo sword and runs back to his room.

7. NEXT DAY: a scene showing the cigarette in the spot of last nights incident but there is NO MIRROR!

The Bed Scene in The Caretaker’s Room (by Katrina)

Collage of the Bed Scene

Drawing of the Foot Steps in the Corridor (by Jei)

Model of The Corridor Scene (by Katrina)

Hand Drawing of The Corridor Scene (by Charlie)

Model of The Mirror Scene/ Reflection in the Corridor (by Katrina)

Drawing of the Mirror Scene (by Charlie)

Model of the Figure Appearing in the Corridor (by Katrina)

A model of The Watchman in the Corridor (by Katrina)

Drawing of the Watchman in the Corridor (by Jei)

Drawing of the Corridor (by Charlie)

A Model of the Character’s reflection in the mirror (by Katrina)

Photography of the Characters reflection in the Mirror

Drawing of the Smoking / Mirror Reflection Scene (by Charlie)

Drawing of the last Scene (by Charlie)

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