"It was a me outside of me... it was me in a form that shouldn't have been me!"

About Us

This is our story of how we survived working in a group without killing each other in the process of it!

(in case you are wandering where the hell was Katrina?!? she was behind the camera taking pictures of all of us!)

Myoung Jun Ko (acting, coordinating, filming, researching, geting all technical info, drawing, turning into a girl)

Katrina Kocialkowska (researching, model making, photographing, blog administration)

Jei Ryung Lee (drawing, filming, researching, getting scared, editing)

Elyne Legarnisson (researching, filming, photographing,  bossing around, editing)

Charlie Styrbjorn Nilsson (drawing, researching, sound recording, being very supportive)

1. We wanted our own Space, where we could all meet, discuss and work on the project, so we adopted the Dark Room as our Studio!

2.  One of our group meetings at the Studio.

3.  The Mirror- explained by Jei!


4.  MJ getting very creative with his drawings.

5. Elyne and Jei working hard with recording the sounds.

6.  Seting up the camera for the Bed Scene.

7. Boys trying to figure out how the projector works?!?

8. Charlie; chilling in the Swedish Style.

9.  Last minute filming!

Jei gets really scared during the filming!!!

MJ turning into a girl!

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