"It was a me outside of me... it was me in a form that shouldn't have been me!"

Project Work

Click on the link below to download the Diary : March 2011 Group 2 Diary


Katrina Kocialkowska

(Monday 7 March 2011)


Just a quick update on my discussions with MJ today:
(all up for re-disscussion when we are all together) 

1. We decided on the Mirror Scene
2. MJ to play to MAIN CHARACTER
3. We thought that it would be great to film at College (we should identify the shot scenes and find together the right places; photograph it, make drawings, list ideas, things we need, plan etc…)
4. We would like to play with the lighting (as in the story; different sources of lighting)
5. We should start analysing and visualising The Mirror Scene
6. We should prepare a very good STORY BOARD FOR OUR FILM
7. We should be 100% prepared before we start any filming to avoid time waisting and disappointment!
8. Try to have as much fun as possible and be helpful one to another!

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